Ko ‘Z’ Craft sells rugs on consignment at galleries in major metropolitan areas such as Manhattan, San Francisco and Los Angeles. In addition, Hratch houses and shows many more at his in-home gallery.

Dealers and interior designers with client requests they cannot fill contact Hratch to help them locate a specific type or size of rug. Collectors, too, engage Hratch to find or watch for certain types of rugs—be it war protest themes, Navajo, pictoral or even rugs that include maps.

Individuals can engage Hratch to track down rugs that meet their criteria. Some buyers don’t know exactly what type of rug they would like, so they send him a photo of the space in a room where the rug will lay. He can then make style suggestions—even in so far as placing a photo of a particular rug in that space via Photoshop for a sneak preview.

Hratch encourages his clients to try a rug they are interested in at home for a week to make sure that it looks good in the actual setting where it will find a home.

Ko ‘Z’ Craft also rents hand-woven antique textiles for special events such as weddings, parties or sets for plays, films and more.

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