The artisans not only restore Oriental carpets, but also on handwoven textiles such as Navajo blankets, saddle bags, handwoven table cloths, quilts and braided rugs.

The most common restoration techniques include:


Oriental rug restoration includes reweaving damaged sections (caused high traffic, moths, pets, or too much sun, for instance); rebinding edges and shearing to restore faded colors to add definition back to the design.  The intricate process of reweaving includes study of the fibers, patterns and colors of the original as well as custom-dying new yarn for use in repairing the damaged areas.

Today, the Ko ‘Z’ Craft pros’ arsenal includes such high-tech tools as scanning and Photoshop that allow them to recreate missing patterns pixel by pixel.

Color Modifications/Redying

Koz ‘Z’ Craft can modify the colors and textures of Oriental rugs and dye new rugs to make them appear to be antique. For those not concerned about the investment value of an antique carpet, dying new rugs can create the same effect as older, worn rugs at a less than a fourth of the cost.

Hratch custom-dyeing yarn for a handwoven rug repair.


Shearing a top layer off an older, faded Oriental carpet will not only restore its original color but also add definition to the design.

Rug before and after shearing.


Existing antique carpets may be resized or reshaped to fit specific spaces in homes or businesses. When homeowners move to a new house, for instance, they may want a carpet’s size reduced to fit in a smaller room or have it cut to fit around a fireplace.

In addition, high pile may be sheared to lower the threshold of the rug.

Most antique textiles are woven with hand-spun wool or other natural fibers. Common defects in these hand woven rugs, such as wrinkles, curls in the corners and uneven sides, are caused by inconsistent tension on the threads at the time the rug was woven. We can correct them by “blocking,” a stretching of the threads that equalizes the tension and re-shapes the rug. By blocking or resizing we will square the dimensions, flatten the corners and eliminate the wrinkles so the rugs lay flat.

During the process, a rug specialist dampens the rug and, using a special stretching device, immobilizes the rug for a week or so.

Ko ‘Z’ Craft often makes pillows and small mats from beautiful rugs that turn out to be unsalvageable.

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