Based on a client’s tastes, requests and specifications, Ko ‘Z’ Craft can produce computer renderings of rug designs from which the client can choose to refine.

Hratch can design rugs in particular shapes—from triangles to hexagons. A rug can match the drapes or feature a logo. One rug, for instance, was created to feature a coat of arms, and was placed in the main lobby of a stock brokerage.  Designs can be reproduced or scaled to fit particular spaces. One design can be scaled to any size or changed to any color combination. The possibilities are limited only by the imagination.

Below is a photo of a rug a client provided to Hratch as inspiration for a custom creation followed by his computer rendering which he will send to an overseas manufacturer to weave.

1900's Otoman Oushak rug in size of 10' x 13'



Carpet redesigned and sized to 11.2' x 14.4'

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