Unravelled Edges

Edges are easily caught up in a vacuum’s rotating brush and ripped and torn. Do not vacuum toward the fringe. Rather, vacuum perpendicular to the edge of the antique carpet. The vacuum should ride along the edge, but not touch the fringe. It’s important that anyone—from children to housekeepers—who vacuums your rugs understand the importance of this care.

Oriental carpets are quite heavy. Damage may also occur when moving the rug by holding onto the fringe or edge of the rug and pulling too hard. Rather than using brute force, take the edge of the rug and shake it up and down a couple of feet up from the floor and back. This movement will send a cushion of air under the rug making it easier to move. Also, enlist the help of a friend and make sure as you move it, the rug doesn’t get caught up in any furniture.

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