Uneven Wear

Since dirty rugs wear prematurely, vacuum your antique rugs regularly. Doing so will prevent dirt from making its way down into the pile where it might accumulate and cause damage to the carpet’s foundation.

Inspect your rugs occasionally to look for signs of early uneven wear, unraveling or torn areas.

Rotate rugs in high traffic areas at least once a year.

Consider using a runner or smaller Oriental rug over pathways and entrances.

Don’t use a rug on uneven floors. Raised areas, such as a threshold, will incur much more wear than the lower areas.

Make sure to use the proper rug padding for your type of floor, be it tile, wood or cement.

Rugs on stairs must be rotated and cleaned regularly. If undue wear has occurred, an experienced Oriental rug repair expert who can shave the higher areas of the rug to even out the pile.

Curled corners and edges of a rug may cause uneven wear patterns. Before the problem gets too bad, bring the rug to a Oriental carpet repair expert who may be able to permanently flatten them out through the blocking process.

Wool doesn’t wear, it breaks. So, it’s important to take these steps to prevent damage before it’s is visible.

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