Moth infestation is most common when storing rugs improperly. In addition to making rugs less vulnerable to moth damage, take care in how the rugs are put away for storage. First, get your antique rugs washed and allow them to dry completely.

Since unwanted folds and creases may be difficult to work out after long periods, fold pliable thin antique rugs, but roll thick ones against the pile or nap. To determine which way the pile lays, look toward the fringe and brush the pile with your hand to see which way the pile looks smoother. Face the direction of the more rough nap and roll it up in that direction.

When storing Oriental rugs, roll newsprint (plain paper without dye is preferred) stuffed with mothballs, tobacco, lavender soaps, eucalyptus or mint leaves) between the layers of the carpet.

Moths will often spread from closets to rugs and vice versa, so make sure to keep moths out of your clothes or to remedy any infestation as soon as possible.

Although Ko-Z-Craft recommends using natural moth repellants, some experts recommend spraying your rugs with an insecticide and wrapping them in plastic.

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