Permanent ink

Use these tips when the rug is marred by permanent markers, ball point pens or other permanent ink.

Flip the stained area upside down and lay the stained area on top of a clean dry white towel or white paper towel. Drip rubbing alcohol onto the stain (the towel underneath will become saturated and discolored from the ink). Remove the stained white towel from underneath and replace it with a fresh one.  Continue until no more ink stain can be removed.

If the stain persists, repeat the same procedure as you did with the rubbing alcohol, removing the stained area to a clean dry section of a towel or replace the towel with a fresh one as the ink stain is removed.

Next, try rubbing baking soda mixed with water into the stained area. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. If the ink stain still remains after washing, repeat the baking soda step again until all cleaned. Before rewashing, dry with a hair dryer on warm heat. Never dry a rug with high heat.

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