Pet Damage

Pet Vomit

Stomach acid in vomit creates stains in natural fibers like wool and cotton quickly. To clean your antique carpet, first, remove as much of the vomit as possible. Then blot the area with a mixture of dishwashing liquid and distilled white vinegar (4 parts water, 1 part vinegar with a splash of natural dishwashing detergent). Rinse the area with cold water and absorb as much as possible with a white towel. Then wash and rinse the area again.

Dog Chews

Young dogs with growing teeth are in pain and they look for chewable items–your fine Oriental rugs are no exception. Other than keeping dogs away from your rugs, you can give them better things to chew on like hard rubber toys, rawhide bones or frozen teething rings. Avoid using mothballs or flakes as they are toxic for pets and humans.

Dog Urination

Dogs urinate to make their territory. We usually walk on our rugs with the same shoes we walked outside in. Shoes pick up odors from the street when are then left on the rugs in the house. Natural fibers like wool and cotton pick up the smells immediately. Our dogs smell the “other dogs” in the rug and have to “remark their territory.” Consider changing from outdoor to indoor shoes or slippers.

Rarely, a dog makes urinating in a certain place a habit. In this case, after a rug has been washed, you can sprinkle ground black pepper in the area. Some dogs will sniff the site, including the pepper, and lose interest.

As with dogs, there is no surefire way to keep indoor cats from harming your oriental rugs.

Cat Scratches

It’s natural for cats to want to sharpen their claws.

Try providing them with alternatives–scratching posts, scratch boards or let them outside where they can use tree trunks. To encourage use, place the intended scratching objects near your cat’s favorite places to hang out. Some people use a spray bottle or water gun to startle cats into taking their activity elsewhere.

Cat Urination

Cats urinate on rugs due to medical problems, stress or to mark their territory.

First, rather than using a steam cleaner or soap and water to clean Oriental carpets, use an enzyme-based cleaner like Nature’s Miracle. Doing so will eliminate the smell and make your cat less likely to go on the rug again.

Visit your vet, describe the problem and make sure your cat doesn’t have a urinary tract infection, inflammatory bowel disease or other medical ailment that could cause the problem.

Keep your litter box clean and, if you have more than one cat, try using more than one litter box.

Move your cat’s water and foot bowl close to the problem area. Generally, cats like to keep their eating areas clean.

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