Moth Damage

Moths are attracted to dark, humid places, like garages and even to remote, less walked on and un-vacuumed areas of the carpets you are using. Moths store their eggs in the carpets and when they hatch, the larvae eat holes in the wool.

Moths will often spread from closets to rugs and vice versa, so make sure to keep moths out of your clothes or to remedy any infestation as soon as possible.

Vacuum the entire top of your rugs weekly. Also vacuum the backs of your Oriental carpets several times a year. If the rug is too heavy to flip, fold over as much as possible of the edges, working around the perimeter, vacuuming those portions. Vacuum rug pads front and back as well.

Moths will make themselves comfortable in the patches of carpet that sit under furniture legs for years without getting vacuumed. To avoid this problem, place cedar blocks under the legs of tables, sofas, chairs, etc.

To reduce moisture in the rugs which attracts moths, every 6 months, they should be vacuumed and allowed to completely dry in the sun.

Note: Keep in mind that the vast majority of commercial moth treatments—from mothballs and flakes to cedar chips—only repel the moths, but do not kill them.

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