Fresh Start

Up until now, the source of our work has mostly been word of mouth as we haven’t advertised.  Also, our success has come from the sweat and hard work of creating rugs that represent the latest home design themes.

The redesigning our website has been long overdue. We have asked Jennifer Root, a tremendously talented writer and web development specialist, if she would agree to work on the new design and the content for After a few meetings and discussions, she agreed. We realize that to keep a website up-to-date can be overwhelming. Passionately, we rose to the challenge.

Mostly, with some lengthy phone conversations and private interviews, we were able to proceed. From that point on, we worked together on content, logo, photos, format and all the other details until we both felt that everything worked.  A lot of creativity went into the process and incredible patience on Jennifer’s part, special thanks goes to her.

I think the final result of this website represents Ko ‘Z’ Craft and our work quite effectively. So, here we are, we have finally launched it with the hopes of keeping it always fresh and informative.


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